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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Romney says keeping minimum wage low preserves jobs for poor"
Boston Globe 7/25/06

What it really should say is 'Mittens says keeping minimum wage low preserves the poor from ever making enough to make it in Massachusetts'

Good to see he taking a page from the Bush "How to make really stupid statements to the press while trying to screw the country" playbook.

You can't even live on the current minimum wage, which you would earn $14,000 per year before taxes with one minimum wage 40 hour a week job:
now rent a room in an apartment about $500 a month (total $6000 for the year)
eat at about $50 per week (total $2600)
gas/electric $100 ($1200)
T pass (we will say a subway @$44 per month) (total $528)
Basic verizon home phone $35 per month (total $420)
Total: $10, 748 for basic expenses...

Now deduct taxes, health insurance cost, increase in heating bills in the winter, etc..

That someone living without all the extras- like cell phone, internet, co-pays for health insurance, emergencies etc...

For an $8.00 minimum wage 40 hour a week job you would earn 16,600 before taxes & health care costs

unless you have 3-4 jobs Mittens you can't make it in Massachusetts


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