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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Note to Contrada and Article 8 in regards to their open letter to Mass State Reps:

Dear article 8/mass resistance/parents rights/interfaith coalition,

I find it interesting that in your mass resistance blog you claim that BAGLY, a glbt youth organization, has a link on their resource page to information about sex reassignment surgery when in fact they do not, which you prove yourself by linking to the BAGLY resource page which does not have such a link and then putting up a link on your blog to the said page in question. Anyone with an internet connection can figure out the type of bait and switch tactic your using.

This is reminiscent of Camenker "fistgate" audio tape where he sliced in portions of an adult safe sex talk to make the tape more lurid than it actually was. So I guess I am waiting for you to make a fake BAGLY web page to send people to.

I believe that you have an unhealthy fascination with transgender medical procedures and GLBT people in general and might want to consider seeking some mental health counseling.

Hate Resistance


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be a useful excercise to compile a list of Article8 lies:

- the doctored "fistgate" tape
- the non-existant BAGLY link
- the "Little Black Book" which was mysteriously only distributed to article8 members
- the David Parker arrest saga
- the David Parker kid incident press release

I could go on and on...


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