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Monday, July 03, 2006

Here are some pics of Contrada taken by Queer Today activists at the Love Won out protest back last year...
that woman needs a makeover if I ever saw one - quick someone get her to the MAC cosmetic counter at Macy's.

Article 8/Mass Resistance/Parents Rights/Interfaith Coaltion/what will be there "new" name next week is so behind the times. The Outright pamphlet they mined off the web - which you would have to google key words to even to find is almost 10 years old and has not been produced for about that long.

When did the glsen conference happen? April maybe... and Contrada is still throwing up supposed handouts from the conference, that is so yesterday. Planned Parenthood did a workshop on Gender? - good for them. It is so old news already...

What happened to all the pictures they were suppose to put up from Boston Pride? Why are they are just stealing them from Innews Weekly... Those photographers should get compensation from Article 8/Mass Resistance/Parents Rights/Interfaith Coaltion/what will be there "new" name next week for republishing them, but wait they can't because A8MRPRCICWWBTNNNW is broke! (and you that GLBTIQQA was an alphabet soup...)

This was sent to me from an avid reader from the Nashua Telegram, published July 1, 2006

"But as Massachusetts lawmakers prepare to consider an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage later this month, Camenker remains unapologetic, saying he represents the state’s true silent majority.

He even opposes the amendment, saying there’s nothing wrong with the constitution, what’s wrong is it’s interpretation by the state’s highest court.

“We are sort of purists on this. We don’t believe that the constitution needs to be amended because the constitution is not flawed,” he said. “John Adams didn’t make a mistake and forget to put gay marriage in the constitution.”

So basically Camenker doesn't want a constitutional amendment... maybe this why Article 8... fell out of favor with the Mass Family Institute/Vote on Marriage gang...

I was thinking, if Mass Family Institute has the bible to fall back on to condemn gay marriage, what does the Article 8 use has it's argument... all I ever see on their website is the word disgusting... so what is their argument against LGBT folks?

Rumor has it Camenker use to frequent some of the trans bars back a few years ago... he would be what we call a "tranny chaser" and I am not using that kindly... him and Contrada spend an awful lot of time reading up on trans folks and publishing pictures of them...


At 12:49 PM, Blogger bostonph said...

Brian Camenker describing himself as part of a "silent majority" is one of the funniest things I've read in ages.

The fact is MassResistance/Article8 and the Faithful Voice/Catholic Action League are a small, intertwined group of bigots using the Internet as a megaphone.

If it weren't for WorldNet's willingness to reprint anything anti-gay and the Globe's desperate desire to appear "balanced" no one would even know who they are.


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