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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good Morning Statehouse!

I went down to the statehouse before work this morning at 8am to stand outside in the line with MassEquality across the street from the Vote On/Mass Family Institute. Vote On/Mass Family Institute failed to get a permit to be in front of ther statehouse, but MassEquality did get a permit, Vote On/Mass Family Institute had to be across the street without blocking the sidewalk. No Camenker or Contrada in sight... but the Vote On/Mass Family Institute did bring out about 15 kids under 14 to hold signs for them as well as about 20 adults. It was just getting going when I had to leave. Did have one woman come up and admonish my friend for not holding an american flag (we had small pride flags) she said we would "get better results if we were more patriotic".

I am not quite feeling so patriotic as I look over Governor Romney's vetos of everything in the budget that was for GLBT or the fact that if I go to any other state my family is not recognized, which basically means I can't move out of Massachusetts if I still want to be considered to be married.

I will have some pictures from this morning's action later tonight.


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