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Welcome to Hate Resistance, a response to the Mass Resistance/Article 8 Alliance/Parents Rights Coalition/Mass Family Institute/MassNews. Doing my part to piss off the radical right...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

When i was doing a an internet seach on Brian this ad came up on the side...
"Get Expert Advice
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How do you think they would answer the question "Why is Brian so hateful?"

David Parker and Brian Camenker - friends for life?

As some readers may know David Parker is the father in Lexington that was arrested after refusing to leave the school after a meeting with school officials about the Diversity Book Bag and in particular the book ''Who's In a Family?" by Robert Skutch, which included same-sex couples raising children, which he was complaining about to the school.

Who is David Parker?
David Parker moved from New Jersey to Lexington, MA. According to April 29, 2006 Boston Globe article "He acknowledged yesterday that he and his wife oppose same-sex unions, but they described themselves as Christians who do not advocate hatred."

It seems David has become quite cozy with Brian since this incident, but it really smells like a set up. I believe Brian and David knew each other before this incident. One of Brian's favorite tactics is to have someone else be the "frontman" so to speak, and make complaints and/or video/audio tape when schools are promoting diversity and/or GLBT issues.

For example Kim Cariani-Perakis,the parent in Newton that was ejected from Newton North High School with him because they were trying to tape ToBGLADay assemblies at the Newton North High school (again with the taping of youth without their permission or their parent/guardians...). It was perceived in the media as Kim having the issue with the school's ToBGLADay assemblies and Brian just happen to be there and according to the illustrious article 8 website "Mrs. Perakis had arrived about twenty minutes after Mr. Camenker, and they were sitting next to each other in the back row. (They had not personally met before.)". I highly doubt that they did not plan that and that they do know eachother. Really? How stupid does Brian think people are?

The there was the infamous youth only sex-ed workshop at GLSEN conference that was all over MassNews a few years back, in which audio tapes of the workshop with sliced in parts from a different adult workshop were sent to legislators, well it was Scott Whiteman, another parent, that did the audio taping in the workshop as Brian sat next to him.

Conclusion - Brian does not want to have the recording device in his hands because if it turns out to be against the law he can claim he did not do the actually taping. Nice way to treat your friends Brian- let them take the rap for your dirty work. Cowardly.... I say... Cowardly

Monday, May 22, 2006

Who is on top?

Back in 2001 John Haskins was the executive director of Parent's Rights Coalition, today he is the associate director, just behind Brian C.

John Haskins regularly contributes to the World Net Daily, American Spectator and from this gem he wrote "It's 1984 in Massachusetts And Big Brother Is Gay" in 2001 from Insight on the news...

"When Clossey enrolled her son in Newton North High School's reading program little did she know that the teacher had bragged in the Boston Globe (July 8, 2001) of quietly introducing homosexual and transsexual subjects into his classes. The teacher, Michael Kozuch, handed out The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky with instructions to write an essay on it. What literary "treats" did Kozuch consider mandatory for other people's children? Sex between a boy and a dog, man-boy sex, anal sex between boys, male masturbation and female masturbation with a hot dog. By chance Clossey opened the book her son brought home"

John Haskins reverts to stale left over stereotypes with his slight obsessionn of [hot] dogs. The book in question is about an 11th grader dealing with the suicide of his friend and many of the same stuff any teenager might go through being in high school.

Most of his other articles do not revert to this "gay = beastiality" thinking, but I think I know where his heart is at, right next to Rev Fred Phelps.

John's latest obsessionn is with Gov. Romney - aka mittens as I call him, because he is trying to convince his dear readers that mittens "gets away with funding homosexual brainwashing of schoolchildren while posing outside his state as a pro-family conservative"

I can only imagine what John has to say about Mormons...

Article 8/Parents right has not strayed too far into the "god hates gays" camp at least publically, but John Haskins is one of those...his article "It's 1984 in Massachusetts And Big Brother Is Gay" has been republished on many radical right christian sites and maybe that why Brian C. stepped into the executive director role to downplay the religious side of Parent's Rights Coalition.

As we all know our Govenor Mittens has nothing nice to say about Massachusetts. The minute he leaves this state he is bad mouthing Massachusetts and "our crazy liberal ways..."

As for funding- the Gov Commission does not have funds, the only thing a Gov Commission does is make suggestions and be a body a Governor can point to (or ignore as he does with the gay/lesbian commission) to show legitimacy on an issue.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

More on Brian Camenker's life:
He is a computer programmer with two children, living in Auberndale, MA.

As reported in MassResistanceWatch Blog - originally the Parents Rights Coalition was named the Interfaith Coalition of Massachusetts, but it appears it was short lived. Really, is Brian having name crisis or what? Because it appears he changes the name of his organization every year or so. Seems like a bait and switch to me. I thas got have cost him some money to keep buying all those domain names and now I can see why he does have non-profit status, because they changing the name.

On the Mass Family Institute Front
Rev. Kris Mineau is from North Reading, MA and contributed $700 to Ronald Crews who was running for congress in 2004, Crews is an ex-Georgia State Represenative that moved up to Massachusetts after losing his re-election bid in 1998, in which he blamed gay advocates on his loss (there are that many gays in Georgia? who knew!) He came up to Massachusetts to give the Rev. Kris a hand when he was hired to lead the Massachusetts Family Institute in 2000. In 2004, he left the institute to begin his unsuccessful run for Congress against Jim McGovern, since then he has dropped out of sight, letting Rev Kris run his mouth for the MFI.

I received an email question in regards to the financials of Article 8/Brian Camenker... at this point I cannot verify what kind of organization he has, private or non-profit. There is no listing for his "Parents' Educational Foundation" as a non-profit, but his site says you can make a tax deductible donation under that name (so is some one really make a tax-deductible donation? It would be very unfortunate if a donor got screwed by the IRS cause they thought they were wrting that off on their taxes and later find out none of it was true). Other "Donations" to article 8 are not tax deductible. Brian was the head of Newton Taxpayers Association back in 2003, but not any longer.

Mass Family Institute is a recognized 501c3 non-profit, listed under Education and Research. 2003-4 they brought in $713,173 of which they spent $130,000 on lobbying expenses. They say they do programs, but I could not find any "programs" listed on their site, just publications...

Here is a link to an in depth look at Anti-Gay Groups Active in Massachusetts: A Closer Look put out by The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force http://www.thetaskforce.org/downloads/AntiGayMA.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me email and as requested I have changed the comments settings.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Many readers may know that AMann from MassResistance Blog is actually Amy Contrada, as one of the folks posted in the comments section.

This is the only photo I have been able to find... because of the following quote from the Boston Phoenix I believe she is hiding behind the sign:

"Amy Contrada, 53, held a cardboard sign that read "Dump the 4 Judges." The Acton mother of two teenagers said the court, led by Marshall, overstepped its authority. "I'm against the court acting illegally," she said.

Contrada and other volunteers were in Northampton supporting the Article 8 Alliance, a group that is seeking to remove the justices."

I don't think she would be too keen if strangers were taking photos of her 2 daughters and posting them on the web, yet she feels entitled to do that to GLBT youth...

A comment posted yesterday by an avid reader said that it wouldn't be in the best interest of the health and well being of a puppy not to have Brian Camenker as his owner. I would have to agree, give that puppies need lots of attention and time and what with Brian's schedule of harassing LGBT youth, running to the court house with some new lawsuit, to the statehouse proposing hate legislation, or to trying stir up trouble in his ex-hometown of Newton (which he does not live there anymore, so he should have not been in Newton North High School, because he does not have kids in that school). Basically he would not have the time to devote to a puppy and be that giving and kind to another creature.

I would suggest readers take a moment to read the comments section as some folks are uncovering tidbits of these public yet strangely elusive people.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I did some domain checking and article 8 and Parents Rights Coalition have privacy block (as any good domain owner should these days) but here is the address to the Parents Rights Coalition, 681 Main St, Waltham, MA 02451, (781) 899-4905. As always google came through... so maybe Mr Camenker lives in Waltham now... or is just cheap office space?

I heard a rumor that Brian was too much (over zealous maybe?) for the Mass Family institution's president Kristian M. Mineau or is it that maybe they broke up. I suspect though we will see them back together in July at the next Con Con.

It could be that Massachusetts Family Institute is in Newton at 381 Elliot Street Newton, MA 02464 Phone: (617) 928-0800
and maybe Brian got mad that he could not get cheap office space there like his ex-friend Kris.

I haven't even gotten to MassNews yet... they seem to publish every article 8 press release they put out...

MassNews isn't what it use to be... back in the day (about 4 years ago) they wrote their own slanted columns, okay I am giving too much credit... they use take info off other people's websites, namely those who they are attacking, and pull sentences and stats out of context and put their own spin on them. My favorite was when they quoted a statistics from an LGBT domestic violence report.. I think it was the number of calls taken in a year and said there was the proof that butch lesbians were luring teenage girls into the homosexual lifestyle... I am not sure what kind of logic they used to get to that... Unfortunately they are not has fun to read anymore... with the recycling of article 8 press releases and warmed over hatred for Judge Margaret Marshall.

Tomorrow's question- What kind of puppy do youth think Brian Camenker would own?
Leave your guess in the comments section...

Some facts about Brian Camenker:
Does he even live in Masachusetts?
Born in Venice, Florida, was a long-time resident of Newton, MA, but he no longer resides in Newton. Attended Brandeis University.

In 2004 he got some parent (Kim Cariani) riled up and and attempted to vidoe tape (again without the school or youth's permission) "To BGLAD: Transgender, Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Awareness Day" at Newton North High School.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Welcome to Hate Resistance, a response to the Mass Resistance/Article 8 Alliance/Parents Rights Coalition/Mass Family Institute/MassNews.

I started this blog after being a target on the MassResistance Blog. I got to thinking who are these guys? Could I be standing next to one one of them at some public event? I didn't think I could be the only one that didn't want to be near such hatred, so I have decided to post up what info I find on them and refute an inaccuracies about their info. The funny thing is a lot of their websites jump all over biased media coverage of issues of same-sex marriage and glbt rights, domestic violence, "activist" judges and feminists, yet their websites, online newspapers, and blogs appear pretty much one-sided about the issues they preach about.

The interesting thing is that many of their sites don't list who is involved with these groups. Is it really one group with a zealous for buying domain names? Maybe it is just two or three of them that hire actors when they need a crowd.

I decided I needed to find out who these people are... and answer the big questions... Do they like puppies?, What is their favorite color? What is their favorite food? What is up with all the hate?

I feel like it is only fair since they have spent so much time trying to uncover the truth about me and other "hardcore activists". It is kind of like when you where in school and your assigned a social studies project to learn about a new country... maybe even get a pen pal out of it...

What I have found out so far...

Mass Resistance is part of Article 8/Parents Rights Coalition an anti-LGBT organization that has been pushing for marriage to be between "one man and one woman", but has a long history of targeting GLBT youth.

Brian Camenker was one of the folks (the other is Scott Whiteman) that secretly audio taped a youth only workshop in 2000 about sex education at a GLSEN conference and spliced in adult content (to make it more suggestive than it was) and mailed the tapes to legislators. This in turn got safe schools funding cut and a person from the Mass Dept of Ed. fired.

This all got first covered in MassNews, an online newspaper with who's editor, J. Edward Pawlick, has a long history of anti-LGBT, anti-feminist, anti-woman and has had history of putting up photos and locations of confidential domestic violence shelters. Currently the site seemed obsessed with Judge Margaret Marshall, for being one of those "activist" judges... basically because she wrote the opinion about same-sex marriage opening the door to legal same-sex marriage here in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Family Institute leader, Rev. Kristian M. Mineau, hooked with Camenker' group with the same-sex marriage push started to happen. They spend a lot of long days and nights at the statehouse together and frequently invite each other to speak at their events. For guys who go on an on about same-sex folks mingling they spend and awful lot of time together, I just saying... I have not seen much about too many woman folk involved let alone if these guys even have wives... let alone children...

Next update will have pictures... the men behind the domain names...

Who's who of Massachusetts Anti-GLBT orgs

As the season of GLBT events kicks in to high gear there are a few faces you should watch out for in the crowd:

These folks target GLBT youth events particularly:

Brian Camenker
Known to show up at youth event, take photos and record youth without their permission. Head of Article 8/Parent Rights Coalition (does this guy even have kids?)

Rev. Kris Mineau, President of Mass. Family Institute- which actively works against equality marriage rights for LGBT people and claims that "cohabiting unions tend to weaken the institution of marriage and pose clear and present dangers for women and children. *Living together outside of marriage increases the risk of domestic violence for women, and the risk of physical and sexual abuse for children."

Which is completely untrue, if anything a relationship where domestic violence is occurring (one person using power and control, over another, in straight couples most often it is the man perpetrating domestic violence over his female partner) can escalate isolation and emotional abuse, because some batters see the bonds of marriage to as a justification to not allow their partner to have contact with friends or family or demand that their needs get met at the expense of their partner.

What their tactics have inspired:
Youth involved with gay/straight alliances getting hate email and phone calls
harassment and threats to GLBT Youth Organizations and GLBT community organizers